It all began 14 years ago with a little white robe made by Betty Boop. With an oversized embroidery of her sassy self on the back. I loved that robe so much. We went through a lot together over those 14 years!

Over time the robe shrunk (by a lot) and the white became a light shade of gray. When it came time to replace it, it was impossible to find a robe that was shorter, wasn't huge around the waist and the sleeves didn't roll down (I thought this was the biggest flaw with any robe). Every robe on the market simply was a one size fits all. So after 4 years of looking for a suitable replacement, Sexy Little Robe was born.

I modified the length to make you feel sexier. I made the sleeves fitted, so you can comfortably get ready, take care of your kiddos or do things around the house. All while you look and feel comfortable in the soft buttery fabric made to move. It's so soft and stretchy, I even sleep in it.

My hope for this robe line is to make women look and feel sexy even when we don't have our face on, hair done, and the day just got out of hand wearing all the hats we wear every day.


Emi  Xx