The Robe Story

Hey there!

I'm Emi, the creator of Sexy Little Robe. Let me share the fun story of how my favorite robe inspired a passion project.

Fourteen years ago, I fell head over heels for an adorable white robe with a sassy Betty Boop embroidery on the back. It wasn't just any robe; it was my trusty sidekick through life's ups and downs. Over time, though, it faded from vibrant white to a dull gray, and the fit was no longer flattering.

The hunt for a perfect replacement was a wild goose chase. Everything out there screamed "one size fits all," but I wanted something that fit perfectly and made me feel fabulous. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands after four years of searching, and voila, Sexy Little Robe was born!

My goal was simple: create a robe that’s feminine, functional, comfy, and stylish. One that moves with you, not against you. I made the lengths just short and long enough for a flirty touch and designed the sleeves to stay put, whether you're getting ready, taking care of the kids, or just lounging around. Plus, the fabric is so buttery soft, it feels like a hug!

Sexy Little Robe is all about feeling confident and beautiful, no matter if you're glammed up or just hanging out at home. It’s a celebration of womanhood and all the roles we play with flair and fun.

Come join me on this cozy adventure, where we turn lounging into an art form and share our stories, one robe at a time.

With love, Emi